A committment to fresh & local ingredients

Some of our local suppliers for our ingredients include these businesses:

  • Hirzel:

A fourth-generation family farm near Toledo, Ohio, they supply the tomatoes for our products.

  • Woeber’s Mustard:

A family-owned company in Springfield, Ohio, we get our Dijon-style mustard and most of the vinegars in our salad dressings from them.

  • Shagbark Seed & Mill Company:

This new Athens-based company is now providing us with locally-grown black beans for our new Black Bean & Corn Salsa.

  • Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery:

Rated one of the top 100 breweries in the world, Jackie O’s creates the microbrews that we use in our BBQ sauces.


Creativity and Versatility

As we’ve grown, we’ve added products and capabilities. We have an R&D chef on staff who develops all of our new products, and can easily customize new products for our retail customers.

We continue to innovate; this year, for example, we added a new Moroccan Marinara, a truly unique pasta sauce that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, and completely authentic to the culture that inspired it.

JB’s Commitment to Quality

Founded in 2003 by Jonathan Milo Leal, JB’s Sauces has grown from 3 pasta sauces into a full line of from-scratch-made products, encompassing Salsas and BBQ sauces along with other sauces including salad dressings, pasta sauces and bruschetta toppings.

Unlike many food companies, we make all of our products ourselves, using locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.


Our Staff

Jonathan Milo Leal
founder & owner

As any small business owner will tell you, you have to be good at a lot of things. Jonathan oversees sales, marketing, recipe development, production, and more for vino de milo.

Born & raised in Nepal & Mexico, he brings a broad understanding of cultural differences to his work, including sales to export markets.


Maryjane Burch

wholesale sales manager

With 4+ years of experience working for Milo’s, Maryjane is most often the voice you hear when you call our office. Maryjane has extensive experience and knowledge in sales to wine & specialty food stores, and brings her passion for good food (and of course great wine) to Milo’s.

A lifelong resident of the area, MJ (as her friends call her) has an upbeat attitude and loves working with our wholesale & distributor partners.


Mark Temple

production manager

Mark has valuable background in foodservice, and brings a strong analytical skill set to his job as the vino de milo production manager. In any given day, our production crew can be making up to 8 different items, and keeping everything organized and on track is something Mark has proven to be very good at.

This is what makes Milo’s truly unique: We custom-make all of our items in small batches at our facility no outside factories, no other processors involved.

Mark is our front-line in quality control and makes sure every product of ours you buy is fresh and carefully made. In his free time, Mark loves to work outside, including on his Koi pond.


Leonard Williams

shipping & warehousing manager

Leonard is the newest addition to our growing team, and comes to us with significant warehouse and shipping experience.

From getting glass and ingredients staged ahead of production to palletizing products for shipment to our distributor partners, Lenoard’s sense of organization and attention to detail ensures all orders go out correctly and safely.

Leonard & his wife Misty are lifelong residents of the area, where they are raising two sons.


Celia Anderson

office manager

Celia is the newest addition to our team, and we’re thrilled to have
her on board. She is responsible for wrangling the deluge of paperwork a
business like this generates, in addition to diverse other things such
as applying decals to the company truck, shipping UPS orders, keeping
the office plants alive, and tracking down local ingredients such as

A lifelong resident of southeast Ohio, Celia is an amazing artist
whose work encompasses such media as gourd art, collages, photography,
and painting. At right, Celia at age 2 frosting cake with her mom.


Nadia Mitchell

product development specialist

Nadia Mitchell is the taste creator for Milo’s, and has contributed numerous outstanding products for us over the years, from our salad dressing line to our bruschettas, and most recently, our new salsas and BBQ sauces.

Having lived in Morocco for many years, she brings an international culinary background to her work. One of recipes is our Moroccan Marinara, an authentic tagine (stew) that is the daily meal of Morocco. Nadia’s skills allow us to custom-develop products for our private label customers, as well as continuing to innovate new items and lines for Vino de Milo.